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The Best Club Racing you'll find anywhere!

The Crescent Ski Council operates one of the finest amateur ski and snowboard racing programs in the nation. Authorized clubs of the Crescent Ski Council come from Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. Any member of an authorized club can race for that club's racing team. Typically, 13 to 16 of Crescent’s authorized clubs field a racing team. Races are held on five weekends at North Carolina resorts: slalom races on Saturdays, giant slalom races on Sundays, two runs each day. 

Crescent racing offers more than high-quality ski competition. The camaraderie and friendships that develop are a key benefit that grows out of participation in racing. At many events, Crescent racing is a family affair, where two or three generations compete. Crescent racing is highly social, and the racers are a friendly group. Of the reasons current racers list for participation, camaraderie is always among the first. Second, of course, is a love of competition. Crescent racing provides an opportunity to meet, ski, and compete with a group of extraordinary individuals from all walks of life.

Crescent Racing also sponsors two local training days in the regular season and a week-long race camp the first week of December in Steamboat, Colorado . Qualifying (establishment of a racing handicap and eligibility for the regular racing series) is available at each race day, training day, and camp.

Crescent uses age, category of race and mode of transport to determine qualifying handicaps for entry into the regular Crescent Series races. Gender is not a factor. See table, below. A racer who becomes qualified and races in at least one regular Crescent Series race every two seasons, remains qualified, regardless whether their handicap exceeds the thresholds listed in the table. In practice, males and females of all ages compete in the flights with racers of similar ability as determined by their handicap (and the kids frequently show up the adults!). Racers aged 4 to 85 have raced in Crescent Series races. One family, the McCalls of the Spartanburg Ski Club, had active racers in three generations!

Crescent Racing Series Qualifying (entry) Handicaps

Another rule requires racing in at least two races per season to be eligible for the season-ending Crescent Cup races (when they are able to be scheduled). Except for that and the “once every two years rule”, there is no minimum number of required races. Some racers race only on Saturdays, some only on Sundays, some race once or twice per season; others race both days and every race. Regardless of the frequency of your participation, when you do race, you will compete in a flight with racers of similar ability as determined solely by your Crescent racing handicap. Flights 1-10 and the qualifying Flight 21, race on a separate, typically more challenging, course. Flights 11-20 and the qualifying Flight 22 typically race on a course that is similar to a NASTAR course. Crescent’s handicap scoring system, based solely on performance in the regular races, determines placement in the flights.

A potential racer must complete and submit the Crescent Waiver to his/her racing team director, who then submits it to the Crescent Racing Registrar, before the racer can participate in a Development Race or regular Crescent Series Race. Crescent also requires all aspiring qualifiers and all regular racers to wear helmets and goggles at the start of any racing run.

Racers receive lift ticket and lodging discounts, and discounts at special equipment sales at local ski shops in October or November through your club's race team. This makes racing with Crescent a fun and affordable family outing.

At the end of each race day, the top three racers in each flight receive prizes at the awards ceremony. In addition, there are door-prize style drawings for fabulous free ski trips and equipment donated by our sponsors. Also at the Awards, the Crescent Scorekeeper prints the complete record of the days’ racing results and provides a copy to each racing team director.

Trophies and, or, prizes awarded at the season-ending Crescent Cup races in March include:

--Regular season, first, second, third place Teams in Eastern Division and Western Division

--Regular season including Crescent Cup, Most Improved Racer

--Regular season including Crescent Cup, Highest Point Total, Female Racer and Highest Point Total, Male Racer. These prizes include a free trip to the Crescent Steamboat Race / Ski / Ride Camp.

--Crescent Cup, first, second and third place Team

--Crescent Cup, first, second and third place Racer in each flight

--Crescent Cup, Fastest Male Racer and Fastest Female Racer

If you want to participate in Crescent Racing, contact your Club Race Director  . We look forward to seeing you on the race course!