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Crescent Ski Council was formed in 1969 primarily to operate long distance ski trips:

  • One trip to Vail was offered
  • One Racing weekend at a North Carolina ski resort
  • The first leadership convention was at Myrtle Beach in 1975.

at Mt. Bachelor 2016Today Crescent Ski Council has grown to 19 ski clubs

  • Week-long long-distance Crescent trips and Weekend Trips
    • Week-long racing, ski and snowboard instruction clinic each December in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
    • Crescent ski week
    • Every other year a second ski week is offered
    • Six weekend trips to local resorts in North Carolina and West Virginia
    • More than 40 club trips to U.S. and European resorts available to all Crescent members
  • Extended Racing Program -- Now considered one of the finest in the nation
    • Six racing weekends
    • Men, women and children, from novice to expert, compete on an equal basis
    • First, second and third place prizes awarded in each flight
    • Fabulous drawings for gear and trips at each awards ceremony
    • Local race training clinics for beginning racers
  • Two annual leadership training conventions:
    • Fall Conference - Training workshops about Club Administration, Finance, Socials, Newsletters, Websites, Advertising, Trips, Special Programs and Membership
    • Spring Convention at Myrtle Beach - Trade Show, where ski mountains from all over the country present ski resort information to club trip directors; beach games, costume theme party, inter-club competitions in newsletters, scrapbooks and websites; and Annual Meeting of the Board


Crescent Bylaws as of 4/28/2013

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