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CSC Bylaws 4-28-2013.doc

CSC 40th Anniversary Guide

History of the Crescent Council from 1980-2009 - (This prints on legal size paper - 8 1/2 x 14)


2018 Fall Workshop Presentations

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Trip Leaders: Please have trip participants complete this Medical Form.  Crescent asks all trip participants to complete the form and place it in a sealed envelope that will be opened only if that individual is unable to communicate with emergency and hospital staff.  Councils and clubs around the country have found a real need for this information, and its only purpose is to perhaps save a life.  Please encourage your members to complete the form and give it to your club's trip leader on all trips.  If your club doesn't have a designated trip leader, the form can be given to Lisa Beregi or the tour operator. 

National Ski Council Federation (NSCF) Insurance May 29, 2015

US Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) Update on Insurance, club development, Membership categories and competitor pricing August 5, 2015

Club Membership Card Template

  1. Clubs may use the Club Membership Card template to print Crescent and National Ski Council Federation contact information on the back side of their club membership cards. Clubs may also wish to use the same info on their club officers' business cards.
  2. The two formats shown, in WORD format, are suggested. Clubs may use the template(s) as is, extract info from the template, or design their own. Note that the template(s), as shown, are approximately the size of a credit card (about the same width; length is a little longer).
  3. Clubs should be sure to include the CSC and NSCF logos (preferably in color, as shown), web addresses, and, for NSCF, the Log-on (User) ID and Password. The Log-on ID and Password are required for members to access the benefits and discounts of the National Ski Council Federation.
  4. Please contact Ken Lumsden (, CSC Member Services Chair, if you have questions or need assistance formatting the template(s).


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