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Spring ConventionThe Annual Spring Convention will be held April 26-29, 2018 at Kingston Plantation, Myrtle Beach, SC Theme Party - SCI-FI

For Clubs - The following forms are for your club's convention coordinator. To sign up, contact the point of contact for your club.

DEADLINES are February 26th for the Club Registration Form and Initial Club Deposit, March 23rd for the balance due and any condo drops, and April 2nd for any Rooming List Changes.

Any questions, contact Michelle Shuford, CSC Conventions Committee Chair, at

For Everyone For Clubs For Vendors


What is SCI-FI? - (Saturday Night Theme Party) - Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction, typically dealing with imaginative concepts such as futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, faster than light travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life. The best label for Star Wars may be "science fantasy," a subgenre that blends elements of sci-fi and the supernatural. There's no need to force Star Wars into a sci-fi or fantasy genre box when its science fiction and fantasy components work together in harmony. Any superhero that has a "superpower" is going to be either science fiction or fantasy. Heroes that do not have superpowers i.e. ... Now as to whether a particular superpower is fantasy or science fiction is a subject of much debate. Crescent Ski Council welcomes ALL versions for Saturday Night Theme Party!


FallThe Annual Fall Conference was held October 20-22, 2017, Glenstone Lodge, Gatlinburg, TN
Training workshops about Club Administration, Finance, Socials, Newsletters, Websites, Advertising, Trips, Special Programs and Membership
Mummy Group 3 pals
Hotel Hike Happy Fall Y'all
Link to photos of hike - Cucumber Gap Loop and Avent Cabin 10/21/17:



Spring ConventionThe Annual Spring Convention was held April 27-30, 2017 at Kingston Plantation, Myrtle Beach, SC - Saturday Night Party Theme was "Out of Africa" or "African Safari" - Think Safari, Tarzan, Jungle, Serengetti, Drums, Tribal Dancers, Medicine Men, and we certainly need to include Indiana Jones!!
See Ken's photos here

Out of Africa

Competition Winners:

Website - Knoxville Ski & Outing Club Ski Video - East Tennessee Mogul Mashers Non-Ski Video - Augusta Ski & Outing Club  

Golf - 1st Place

Mark Dison, Jerry Pendley, Dan Hudson, Alan Stevens

Golf - 2nd Place

Lee Cohen, Sandy Gaudette, Stephen Hall, PJ McSparran

Golf - 3rd Place

Karen Fitch, Paul Fitch, Faith Campbell, George Christakos


Golf - 4th Place

Ron Scott, April Bruder, Al Bishop, Margaret Bishop

Golf - 5th Place

Dave Bates, Grey Culbreth, Darin Austin, Gene Young

Golf - Longest Drive

Male - George Christakos, Coastal
Female - Margaret Jordan, Columbia


Golf - Closest to Pin

Male - Tom Mustaleski, Coastal
Female - Jennifer Diehl

Tennis - Women's

  1. Margaret McAlister, Charlotte
  2. Tara Griffin, Raleigh

Tennis - Men's

  1. Cameron Andrews, Augusta
  2. Kelly Endres, Kanawha


Mini Golf - Winning Team

Kerri & Randy Nordan, Columbia
Gene Hartsfield & Bob Breedan, Huntsville

Mini Golf - Best Female

  1. Wendy Bates, Coastal
  2. Susan Nicols, Raleigh
  3. Rookie Sligeir, East Tennessee

Mini Golf - Best Male

  1. Mike Shipko, Winston Salem
  2. (Tie) Charles Crawford, Augusta
    Bob Breedan, Huntsville

Beach Olympics:

Bocce Ball

  1. Kevin & Dana Cuddihy, Charlotte
  2. Barb Lang & Frances Edwards, East Tennessee
  3. Faith Campbell & George Christikosk Coastal


Corn Hole

  1. Mark Mabry & Rick Bates, East Tennessee
  2. Doug &Marry Alice Blackburn, Coastal
  3. Mark Dison & Red Rice, East Tennessee


  1. Michelle Shuford, Palmetto & Ken Lumsden, Winston Salem
  2. Doug Baker & Mark Mabry, East Tennessee
  3. Margaret Crum & Ron Shulby, Asheveille



Ladder Ball

  1. Lisa Beregi & Alan Stevens, East Tennessee
  2. Faith Campbell & George Christikos, Coastal
  3. Sharon Terry & Joe Allen, Coastal

Beach Run - Women's

  1. Barb Lang, East Tennessee
  2. Charlene Flahiff, Raleigh
  3. Kerri Crawford, Augusta

Beach Run - Men's

  1. Eric Sandstedt, Asheville
  2. Charlie Kincaid, Raleigh
  3. Jeff Kenrick, Asheville

Slalom Ski Race

  1. Dan & Annabelle Hudson (Palmetto), Jack Hobby (Winston Salem)
  2. Cindy & Jerry Pendley, Palmetto; Cathie Mulgrew, Winston Salem
  3. Tie - Lisa Beregi, Barb Lang & Alan Stevens, East Tennessee; Brian Swaney, Carianne Nicholson & Alisa Weber, Charlotte

Overall Beach Olympic Team Standings

  1. East Tennessee
  2. Coastal
  3. Palmetto


  Male: Doug Blackburn, Coastal Female: Susan Slettendal, Asheville Couple: Linda & Bobby Compton: Greater Charleston
  Group: Chattanooga (photo soon!) Check back for photos from Ken!  

Table Decorating:

  1st Place (Tie) - Huntsville 1st Place (Tie) - Chattanooga 3rd Place - Columbia

CSC 40th Anniversary Guide
History of the Crescent Council from 1980-2009 - (This prints on legal size paper - 8 1/2 x 14)

Learn The Jellyfish (The Dance)

Photo Gallery of Jellyfish Instruction


Spring Convention 2007: