Spring Convention 2021 is now a SPRING FLING!

The Spring Convention meetings will be held virtually this year and the convention as such is canceled, leaving the weekend open as a fun time to gather at the beach. For those people still interested in going to the beach, Kingston Plantation is willing to honor our room rates. Contact your club's lodging coordinator for a refund of the convention fees included in the initial lodging registration form.

It is predicted there will still be about 50 people coming to the beach, but we need each club to verify who is going, as you may have some people change their minds - either to go or to cancel. If there are changes to your club's attendees, this must be reported to Michelle Shuford at Skibumlong@aol.com no later than March 27th. Additionally, if anyone would like to upgrade from an oceanview condo to an oceanfront condo, there may be a few condos available.

There will be no in-person ExComm, Racing, Trips, and BOD meetings held. Terri Tokaz and Margaret Jordan are coordinating the mini-golf and golf events, so forms for those who want to participate are available. Please keep in mind there will be only bragging rights as awards since the convention fees have been waived. Tennis and the Beach Olympics are canceled.

If you go, you will get to interact with some old CSC friends and maybe make some new ones on the beach, so bring your beach games. Michelle Shuford plans to bring some games like bocce, cornhole and others.

A box lunch will be provided at noon on Saturday that you can take to the beach. The lunches will be available in the Palladium Ballroom. The lunches consist of sandwiches (15 each: ham, turkey, roast beef and 5 veggie), cookie or brownie, chips, fruit, and a drink. Choices will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Having this box meal will meet the requirement per our contract with Kingston Plantation to have a food & beverage event.

COVID waivers from those attending are required and need to be completed within 72 hours of arrival. The waiver is available on the website conventions page; each club/lodging coordinator needs to have each of their people sign a waiver, then scan and email them to Michelle Shuford between April 19-22. Masks will be required indoors.

The decision to cancel the convention was not made lightly as the following current factors we considered:

--Horry County (where the CSC Spring Convention is located) continues to be a COVID-19 hotspot.

--Spring Breaks for schools have started and will continue through the second week of April. It is anticipated that the situation at the South Carolina beaches will only get worse, with significant COVID spikes expected in the next few weeks.

--The CDC recommends that those people who have been vaccinated still wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, avoid crowds and poorly ventilated places. For those people who have not been vaccinated, they recommend gatherings indoors with people from just one (1) other household when masks are not worn.

Kingston Plantation maintains they can meet their end of the contract since they say they can implement social distancing, COVID measures, and safely host all the normal meetings. Since Kingston Plantation says they are willing to work with us to minimize numbers of people and event functions needed to meet our end of the contract, we strived to find a way to support those members who still wanted to go. Many thanks to those of you who are going!

ExComm has scheduled its virtual meeting for Tuesday, April 27 at 7:00 pm via Zoom. Only CSC ExComm members are required to attend. However, if you would like to attend, please let Diane know so you can be added to the distribution list. Both Lisa Beregi and Rich Mead will provide a couple of dates to their Trips and Racing committee members to schedule their meetings.

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